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Q. Where can I download the Orange County Register iPad app?

A. In the iTunes app store. Simply search for “oc register ipad.”

Q. What is in the app?

A. The Orange County Register iPad app contains Orange County news, events, feature stories and multi-media, specifically tailored to tablet users who want relevant, accurate, local information.

Q. How do I download the latest edition?

A. Every evening at 6pm, Monday through Saturday, a new edition is delivered to the app. You can find it by tapping on the “store” icon within the app. Look for the edition you would like to download. When you find it, tap on it to start the download process. After the download has reached about 10%, the cover will light up. You can now tap on the cover and start reading. The rest of the edition will download in the background.

The download will go faster if you use a wifi connection. You can use a 3G connection to download as well, but beware that you might exceed the limit of your data plan.

Q. Can I follow you on social media sites?

A. Yes!

Q. Is app content available online?

A. Similar stories or content may appear online, or in print, but the formatted content and multi-media experience you receive in the app is exclusive to the app and specifically designed for the iPad.

Q. Is the app available for other tablet platforms or mobile devices?

A. Because of the unique experience the iPad offers our readers, the app is exclusive to the iPad. However, we plan on expanding to other tablets later in the year, including supporting the Android OS and a HTML based version. For up-to-the-moment, local news check out The Orange County Register mobile app for. Learn more here:

Q. It says the editions are free for a limited time, when will I have to pay?

A.The exact date for when we will start to charge for editions has yet to be defined. The content will be free for at least four months though. Perhaps longer. When we start charging for content, if you are a current print subscriber, you will continue to get free access to all iPad content. For all others, there will be an easy iTunes one-click purchase option within the app. You will be able to purchase one-week or one-year subscriptions. Pricing has yet to be determined. Any editions downloaded before the date we start charging are yours to keep.

Q. I missed an edition last week, but I would like to read it now. Can I do that?

A. Yes, in the store you will be able to access editions from the last seven days.

Q. I have downloaded an edition every day, and now I’m running out of memory. How do I delete old editions?

A. Tap on the library icon at the bottom of the page. Within the library, hold down on any of the editions, till a little x appears in the corner of each edition. Tap on any x to delete the associated edition. Note, once you delete an edition, unless it is available in the store, you will not be able to download it again.

Q. I am having trouble downloading new content in the app, what do I do?

A. If you have had problems downloading editions please try the following:

  • You will need to connect to wifi to download, the faster your broadband connection, the faster the download. If your iPad goes to sleep or locks this may pause the download.
  • It is recommended that you connect to wifi to download the edition. Once downloaded, you can use WIFI or 3g for streaming video, RSS feeds, weather, traffic and other interactive elements in the edition.
  • Try setting the iPad’ auto lock to ‘never’. Go to Settings, General Settings and from the menu choose Auto Lock, Never.
  • If your iPad is also plugged in to power source this should prevent the download being interrupted.
  • If your app continues to crash, delete it and reinstall a brand new one from the App Store.

Q. The edition is downloading, and after about 10% the edition lights up. What does that mean?

A. When the edition lights up after 10% you will be able to read the edition, while the rest downloads in the background.

Q. I opened an edition, and all I get is blank pages. What is going on?

A. If you open the app in an area with no Internet connection, in rare instances, you will see blank or blurry pages. We are aware of this bug and will have a fix very soon. For now, to fix the issue, open the app in a connected area, and the blank pages will disappear.

Q. How do I advertise in the app?

A. To advertise please contact our advertising team:


Contact Name: Kyla Rodriguez

Phone line: 714-796-6741

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  1. John stephens permalink
    July 28, 2011 4:36 pm

    When will my Register Account be available on this App?….

    • July 31, 2011 12:13 pm

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment. If you are a Register print subscriber, the iPad application will continue to be free to you even if we start offering iPad paid subscriptions to those who do not currently pay for the print edition. Hope that answers your question! Caroline, iPad Team

  2. Rick permalink
    June 23, 2011 7:33 am

    How do I delete past issues from my library?

    • June 25, 2011 10:59 am

      Hi Rick, good question! Go to the Library. Then to delete issues, press down on an issue until an (X) appears in the upper left corner. The (X) will appear on every issue in the Library and the issues will all look transparent/grayed out. Now, tap on the (X) of those issues you want to delete. It will take a second or two, but you’ll see them disappear from the Library after you tap on the (X). Once you are finished deleting issues, hit “Done” in the upper left corner. Hope this helps and thank you for the comment! Caroline, iPad Team member

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