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Calling All Angels! Weaver’s Dad Stays Hungry ‘Til the End

May 8, 2012

Dave Weaver has a tradition: Whenever his son Jared pitches for the Angels, he doesn’t eat dinner. He waits until Jared’s work is done, and he walks off that mound. Last Wednesday night, Dave’s superstition turned into a fast that dragged through the evening and into the night, well after Jared had finished off the Minnesota Twins, 9-0, for his first no-hitter!

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Other Angels No-Hitters?

– Bo Belinski (home game vs. Baltimore) May 5, 1962

– Clyde Wright (home game vs. Oakland, July 3, 1970)

– Nolan Ryan (in Kansas City, May 15, 1973).  First Angels right-hander to accomplish that feat and do it on the road.

– Nolan Ryan (at Detroit) July 15, 1973

– Mike Witt (at Texas) Sept 30, 1984

– Mark Langston & Mike Witt (home game vs. Seattle) April 11, 1990

– Jared Weaver & Jose Arredondo (at Dodgers) June 28, 2008

– Ervin Santana (at Cleveland) July 27, 2011

– Jared Weaver (home game vs. Minnesota) May 2, 2012!!

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